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Rosalyn's desserts are among the best in the country.


Rosalyn offers Full service catering.
Welcome to Rosalyn’s

Rosalyn is a woman who just likes to cook. She cooks with her heart and can add a spin on anything. She cooks according to your dietary needs and special request. She likes to cater to everyone and create anything. She enjoys playing in the kitchen and creating new and innovative things that make her family happy. Rosalyn’s passion for cooking came by watching her parents Edward Byrd and Patricia Williams who she credits everything to. Along the way she has had mentors and friends who she has picked up tips from along the way. She fell in love with cooking after catering for former President Bill Clinton while still a student at Michigan State University. Everything she makes it filled with love. When asked can you show me how to do it, she can but it is the personal touch that makes her stand out.

A Little About Us

Rosalyn’s Southern Eats and Treats is a family business that incorporates mentoring, etiquette and the passion for cooking all in one. The team consist of her godchildren; Jaysha Murphy and Carrie Johnson who serves as her Sous Chefs , her sons Tyrese Griffin (Sous chef in training), Shaquille Brown (Master Taster ), Danielle Tipton, Destiny Kyle and Robert Kyle (the hostesses with the most). Each one of the team members enjoys cooking but more importantly enjoy serving and helping others.

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Some Hot Menu Items

Rosalyn specializes in southern style food That always satisfies. Mouth watering desserts and pastries for your sweet tooth.

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(517) 719-6744

Email Rosalyn@southerneatsandtreats.com for more information